Train anywhere, anytime. 



A custom strength training program tailored to your fitness level, goals and access to gym equipment.

  • Weekly program customized just for you

  • Program delivered to your smartphone through the Trainerize app

  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching guidelines to help you reach your fitness goals faster

  • Weekly check ins

  • 24/7 text support

Price: $65/week




A strength and conditioning program that goes beyond the workout. This program addresses the big picture - mind and body, with regular workouts, daily meditations, nutrition guidelines, a community of like minded individuals and access to your coach.

  • Four days a week of strength and conditioning programs delivered to your Smartphone using the Trainerize App

  • Daily meditation

  • Workout reminders and summary's to keep you motivated

  • Detailed tracking including progress photos, weigh ins and personal bests all automatically logged within the app 

  • Connect Trainerize with your favourite wearable tech such as Apple Watch, FitBit and Garmin

  • Connect with your coach and other Delta Series participants directly through the app 

Price: $99/month with promo code: DeltaBlack


Unlock your highest potential with private training



Apply for a private training spot to get individualized coaching and programming tailored to your personal fitness level and goals. Private training is available both in person and virtually. A minimum 3 month commitment is required when participating in private training.

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