“After sustaining another injury to my shoulder and rotator cuff, it was only through the coaching, guidance, and support of Joe Laleune that I was able to overcome my physical injury, and mentally prepare for a national competition. 

As a coach myself, I have ridiculous standards when I work with clients (as many can attest to and know first hand). It was hard for me to trust someone else with my development and care, as my standards and expectations are very high. However, Joe attacked every challenge head-on. He understood my needs, used data and cognitive insights from how I think, how I behave, to how my body moves and performs to tailor a winning program to achieve my goal - podium at indoor nationals. He showed up to team practice, dietician appointments, and was there on race day in the audience watching, taking notes, and there to celebrate at the end. Truly, without him, I never would’ve stepped on the podium in such a short period of time post-injury. He is my movement and strength coach for life- we are excited to create and execute the plan to help me get physically ready to row across the Atlantic Ocean in 2020.” Grateful. Inspired. Happy.


"I had the pleasure of working with Joe for a year in person (both privately and in a small group setting) and most recently online. I can honestly say that it was an experience that has set me up for a lifetime of fitness both physically and emotionally. Joe was sensitive to my goals, issues, and needs right from our first meeting. 


I came to fitness late in life (I was 65 when we met) but was astounded at my new found strength within months of working with him. With his support I was soon setting higher goals for myself and he also introduced me to things that I would never have considered before such as Olympic Lifting. The things that impress me most about Joe are his commitment to his clients, his deep knowledge about what he does, his ability to change and adapt a given exercise to meet the needs of his clients and his ongoing passion about learning as much as he can about people, fitness and the world around him."


"Joe's dedication and commitment to best meet the client's needs deserve recognition. His advice, service, and program have been exceptional with professionalism, client-orientation, and attentiveness. 


Beyond solely focusing on generic fat loss, his holistic approach to weight-loss from building strength and foundation to attending to physical weaknesses, to teaching muscles to burn fat, to well-rounded nutritional advice, have made an incredible impact in me changing to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is not limited to change in numbers. I would highly recommend Joe's PT program to anyone who is ready to take on a long-term but real change."


"I am now in my second year having Joe as my personal trainer, who is completely committed to helping me reach my fitness goals.  His professional approach keeps me motivated and challenged, and I look forward to each workout with him.  He stays well-informed and continually enhances my training with new techniques.  With his strategic programming he has helped me reach personal fitness milestones that I never thought possible.


I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Joe.  Last year my wife passed away very suddenly and tragically. He taught me the 6 pillars of well-being, which has been fundamental to coping with the loss.  It's not every day you can say that someone has helped change your life in a significantly positive way, but that is exactly what Joe has done for me.  I am forever grateful."


"I used to be over 220 pounds during high school and suffered from a weak body.

I tried to control my weight by diet and exercises, however, lacking proper information caused a lot of health problems during that time. I met Joe during my 3rd year of University. At that time I had a bad diet and I was exercising in a way that hurt my body a lot. Joe used his professional knowledge and experiences helped me to recover my body, guide me with my diet, movement and daily exercises.


Even though english is not my first language, Joe was very patient with me. Within 1 year, my body and lifestyle obviously became better. I was able to gain health weight in muscle while maintaining the lean physique I wanted.


If you get similar situations or problems like I used to have, I recommend you ask my best coach and friend Joe for help."


I have been following Joe’s programming for almost 12 weeks now and my experience has been nothing but incredible. 


I come from a past of overtraining and I used to always get sick, injured, and my progress was always slow because I was training so often with a ton of volume. 


I came to Joe wanting to get stronger in all of my main lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, and pullups) and in just 12 weeks all my lifts have gotten significantly stronger! More importantly – I am doing much less volume / high intensity training than what I’m used to but my body has loved it. My progress has skyrocketed and I actually feel recovered after my sessions and not beat up. 


Joe has an incredible attention to detail and really prioritizes form first. I notice I am way more confident with all my lifts because of his attention to form and detail. 


I don’t have the pleasure of working with Joe in person but he’s amazing to work with online!! He responds to me super quickly and answers all my random training related questions 


I already told Joe I want to continue training with him as it’s so nice to have him do all my individualized programming for me and I love the way he structures each session! He sticks to the basics but keeps things interesting.


If you want to get strong – Joe is your guy!!