Three Phase Fitness requires a three month commitment for all training services. This includes in person, virtual and remote training both for private and semi-private clients.

Why do we require a three month commitment? Results take time and we want to give you the best possible opportunity to succeed with us. 

First 30 days:

1. Discuss where you are at today, take initial progress photos and set goals

2. Review your existing nutrition and lifestyle habits to make adjustments and changes

3. Establish a workout regime that fits your schedule

After 90 days we expect you will begin to see the results that are aligned with your health and fitness goals. At which point we will review and make adjustments to your programming, nutrition and lifestyle routines if necessary. 

By signing this contract you are agreeing to a three month commitment of training with Three Phase Fitness. Should you cancel prior to the three month mark, you will continue to be charged for the full three month period.

After the three month period, you are free to cancel training at any time by giving your coach two weeks notice prior to the final training date. 

Thank you! We look forward to getting started.